Top 10 Grappling Rashvests


Rashguards were first made popular for surfers trying to prevent chaffing on their boards when out paddling. Since then the lycra/polyester fiber rashguards have to taken off in the grappling communities mainly due to their ability to wick moisture from the body allowing the grappler to have a more Hygenic roll and stay healthier with less risk from skin infections.

Not only do the rashguards wick moisture from the body but studies have also shown the compression from the rashguards is highly beneficial for the muscular system during intense helping strengthen muscles and allow for longer training and better recovery.

In today’s modern world with technology like sublimation printing, It really allows for anything to be possible in terms of design making them wearable pieces of art, allowing us all to express ourselves even more.

Here are my top 10 Enjoy!


Venum honors the gladiators, these legendary warriors that have marked the history of the Roman Empire and battle arenas!

The quality of Venum Gladiator 3.0 rashguard is impeccable! Its design is superb and authentic, as often with Venum.

Product Features :
87% Polyester – 13% Spandex: stretch-resistant.
Venum compression technology: improves blood flow to the muscles and speeds up your recovery time.
Venum Dry tech technology: provides optimum control of body heat.
Impressions sublimated into the fiber for durability.
Fitted cut leaving no outlet to your opponent.
Reinforced seams.
Rubber band located at waist for keeping your rashguard instead just for perfect coverage of your upper body during the fight.
Venum logo.


9. Thinker Monkey Rash Guard

A truly unique rash guard designed by the talented Chris Burns. The artwork depicts a monkey in the thinker pose atop a fallen competitor. Made with the usual high quality material you would expect from Tatami, this rash guard has fully sublimated artwork to ensure the best quality long term.


8. X-Guard Cyborg Unit 01

A Cybergenic element with a metallic endoskeleton powered by the drive to constantly evolve through the acquisition of knowledge and the application of technique.

Moisture Wicking Technology
100% Sublimated Artwork
Made of Strong Polyester and Flexible Spandex Material


7. X-Guard Cyborg 2.0…

Moisture Wicking Technology
100% Sublimated Artwork
Made of Strong Polyester and Flexible Spandex Material


6. Manto “Voodoo” Rash Guard

High-stretch fabric blend (82/18 poly/spandex)
Fully sublimated artwork
Precise digital graphic prints
Flat seams
Smooth and consistent compression


5. Scramble, Newaza Apparel “Seeker” Rash Guard

Newaza’s designs speak for themselves. Using bold patterns and unique branding, rashies like the Seeker definitely make their mark. This particular piece, in collaboration with Scramble, was donned by the one and only Eddie Cummings during his EBI run for gold. Featuring sublimated artwork with the finest details, on a midweight poly/spandex blend that feels nice and strong.

Midweight moisture-wicking fabric
Soft performance stretch blend (polyester/spandex)
Extremely high-quality sublimation artwork
Flexible flatlock stitching


4. Hayabusa “Recast” Rash Guard

Reliable and consistent compression
Soft tensile fabric with strategic seam placements
Unrestricted cut
Flatlock seam assembly
Advanced compression for muscular support and thermoregulation
Premium fabric blend helps draw moisture away from the body


3. Fuji Musashi Rashguard

Fuji holds their rashguards to a high standard of comfort and quality and the “Musashi” rashguard is no exception.

Similar to the “Sakana” rashguard, this is a tight-fitting shirt that’s great for use in training or competition, under the gi or on its own. While the “Sakana” is a beautiful piece, this one has a bit more significance. Paying respect to the Japenese Samurai, this rashguard portrays the battle between Miyamoto Musashi and Sasaki Kojiro. Channel your inner samurai and sport the “Musashi” rashguard the next time you step onto the tatami.

Unique artwork depicting the legendary ronin Miyamoto Musashi
Made from the finest and most comfortable fabrics
Strong stitching for a more durable and long-lasting design


2. Storm compressed fit L/S rashguard

All STORM KIMONOS Long Sleeve Rashguards are compressed-fit, fully sublimated performance fabrics manufactured specifically for supreme comfort and protection while providing unrestricted, full range of movement. Reinforced flat-lock stitching provides for long lasting durability, while the fast drying material is treated with an Anti-Microbial agent to inhibit any unwanted bacterial growth. The design, feel and quality of our premium rashguards are perfect for No-Gi training, as a supplemental undergarment for Gi training or even while out surfing the waves at the beach.


1. Newaza apparel anaconda rashguard