Burglars Worst Nightmare

Josue Ortiz recently decided to break into Florida’s homeowner’s house, unluckily for him, the owner Brian Burch was home during the robbery.

Burch skilled in the art of Brazillian Jiu-jitsu managed to catch Ortiz red handed in the act.

Burch confronted Ortiz and got given a crazy story about how he was sent to pick up the stuff he was stealing on behalf of his employer. Once questioned in more detail Ortiz realized he was in trouble and tried to make a run for it.

Unfortunately for him, Burch used his martial art skill set to take Ortiz down and control him.

Once on the ground Ortiz frantically trying to escape by fighting his way out from under Burch soon realized he had made a terrible mistake. Burch in the dominant position started landing his own blows break Ortiz’s nose and leaving him bruised and battered. Eventually, Ortiz surrendered and calmed down.

A nearby neighbor then called 911 and Burch continued to use his jiu-jitsu skills to keep Ortiz on the ground until he the authorities arrived.