Drysdale Loop Choke

Robert Drysdale demonstrating a fantastic little Loop choke. Ampt to try this one.   Check out some more sick chokes HERE

The most important half guard sweep

Super nice detailed instruction by Lachlan Giles, the man is a fantastic teacher. I really enjoy how he break the technique down into steps really fantastic. A good half guard sweep is a fundamental enjoy guys.   Check out more awesome sweeps HERE

Nelson Necktie

The nelson necktie is a beautiful variation from Neil Melanson of the traditional Peruvian necktie. Super cool option that makes it incredibly tough to escape once you caught in it, its game over. For more choking options check out this LINK

The Arm Triangle

Simple, Yet Powerful Arm Triangle aka Katagatami taught by Professor Ben Zhuang of SCHOOL Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Arcadia

Bjj Triangle Vs Sambo Triangle

Bjj Triangle Vs Sambo Triangle with Silviu & Silvio at Phuket Top Team. Interesting stuff I use both. and both work super well. Happy Hunting! More Triangle Here