Nelson Necktie

The nelson necktie is a beautiful variation from Neil Melanson of the traditional Peruvian necktie. Super cool option that makes it incredibly tough to escape once you caught in it, its game over. For more choking options check out this LINK

Eddie Cummings No Gi Bow and Arrow

Nogi bow and arrow. Tricky move that often ends up as a triangle or armbar entrance when your training partner defends. Legs extend away to finish – not a hamstring curl. Thanks @beanslevine for the ????, and thanks @ottaviabourdain for enduring the pain. @musclepharm @scramblebrandofficial @kimerakoffee @thearmbarsoapcompany @studio540 A post shared by Eddie Cummings (@eddie_wolverine) … Read more Eddie Cummings No Gi Bow and Arrow