Jiu-Jitsu Guard Passing for No Rules Situations

How to pass the guard in limited or no rules environments has become a popular question and topic of discussion recently online and at seminars. While some of the technical aspects and concepts will overlap from sport to street scenarios, there are certain considerations that are very important when there are no rules governing striking, … Read more

10 Answers for Ground Vs Standing

This video has some solid answers for dealing with a standing opponent when you are on the ground. These are what I feel are high-percentage, helpful techniques for getting to a better position. The main focus is on sweeps in order to create opportunity to get back to standing, but I also include a couple … Read more

Open Guard Passing Sequences

open guard passing Marcello

When it come to passing no one does it better then Marcelo Garcia, the true GOAT of jiu-jitsu. Below is an awesome clip showing lots of great details with an array of passing options. THIS IS GOLD