The most important half guard sweep

Super nice detailed instruction by Lachlan Giles, the man is a fantastic teacher. I really enjoy how he break the technique down into steps really fantastic. A good half guard sweep is a fundamental enjoy guys.   Check out more awesome sweeps HERE

Simple way to sweep a big guy in guard when stacked

Being stacked by a big guy is never fun, especially when you are a lower belt. When rolling with a big guy all your normal moves are still good, they just have to be executed perfectly. This video shows a butterfly sweep that I like.

10 Answers for Ground Vs Standing

This video has some solid answers for dealing with a standing opponent when you are on the ground. These are what I feel are high-percentage, helpful techniques for getting to a better position. The main focus is on sweeps in order to create opportunity to get back to standing, but I also include a couple … Read more