Wrist lock that works like a charm. It’s sneaky and works even better with rolling partners that are of some experience. Or more experience than yourself. Why? because it presumes or depends on ‘correct’ behaviors! Now, be very careful with wristlocks, they come on awfully quick and can catch people out real fast. Give this … Read more

Wrist lock compilation

Wrist Locks

Awesome compilation of so super cool wrist locks, in my opinion one the the most under utilized finishes in BJJ. Man there’s some gold in this video enjoy guys.

Wristlock From Kimura

Wristlock From Kimura - By US Olympian Travis Stevens

I’m a huge fan of wrist lock people rarely see them coming, and they’re everywhere. Here are some beautiful options for quick finishes from the kimura demonstrated by John Danaher blackbelt Travis Stevens.

The 7 Deadly Wrist Locks

7 Deadly wrist locks

Wrist locks in my opinion are one of the most under used yet powerful submissions in BJJ. Personally i have implemted some of these into my game and although I don’t always tap people its deffinetly got people thinking and make them second guess touching me which in turn opens other doors for me. Got … Read more