The Neck Hammock

Neck pain is commonly treated through mechanical cervical traction, a treatment that’s only be achieved at a physical therapist’s office. Unfortunately, regular physical therapy is not an option for most people – it’s either too expensive or too time consuming. The Neck Hammock was created by a Licensed Physical Therapist who wanted to give people … Read more

Exoligamentz – Innovative sports glove for Jiu-jitsu protection

Super interesting design, Ashkan Joshghani, a 3rd Master student in veterinary medicine at Ghent University,  pursued his dream to develop a new type of sports glove – one that would render athletic tape redundant. After encountering several finger injuries in his first year as an athlete, he realized that the long-term effects of these repetitive injuries could not … Read more

Grappz…Never Tape Again


When it comes to Jiu-jitsu and most grappling sports you will find over time the reality is your fingers will take strain sooner or later especially when wearing the kimono, The gripping aspect of the game is what causes most of the damage, but aside gripping, sprains from fingers getting caught anywhere can cause pain … Read more

Top 10 Grappling Rashvests

Rashguards were first made popular for surfers trying to prevent chaffing on their boards when out paddling. Since then the lycra/polyester fiber rashguards have to taken off in the grappling communities mainly due to their ability to wick moisture from the body allowing the grappler to have a more Hygenic roll and stay healthier with … Read more