Exoligamentz – Innovative sports glove for Jiu-jitsu protection

Super interesting design, Ashkan Joshghani, a 3rd Master student in veterinary medicine at Ghent University,  pursued his dream to develop a new type of sports glove – one that would render athletic tape redundant.

After encountering several finger injuries in his first year as an athlete, he realized that the long-term effects of these repetitive injuries could not be avoided if he proceeded with this sport. The same problem was also shown by other well-known (young) athletes, of which some even could not make a closed fist anymore due to the repetitive injuries they already faced.

And so the Exoligamentz Glove was born.

Like most of these people, he also started to use sport tape to protect his fingers. However, he faced another problem: daily use of sports tape costs a lot of time and money, but more importantly, the tape lacks sufficient protection. When sweat and motion comes in play, the tape often loses its supportive function resulting in trauma or pain and discomfort due to overuse.

So, he decided to address this issue by using his medical know-how and practical experience in this type of sports to design an innovative sport glove. His (prototype) design includes a way to restrict improper joint motion while still maintaining functional movements of the hand.